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Which of the following questions is outside the real of science?
a) Which organisms play the most important role in energy input to a rain forest canopy?
b) What percentage of music majors take a biology course?
c) What is the physical nature of the universe?
d) What is the nature of the supernatural?

Which of the following best distinguishes hypotheses from theories in science?
a) Theories are hypotheses that have been proven correct.
b) Hypotheses are tentative guesses; theories are corrrect answers to questions about nature.
c) Hypotheses are narrow in scope; theories have broad explanatory power.
d) Hypotheses and theories are different terms for essentially the same thing in science.

The organisms in your backyard include, trees, shrubs, grass, ants, mushrooms, birds, spiders, beetles, flis and bacteria. Together, all these organisms make up...
a) an ecosystem.
b) a community.
c) a population.
d) an experimental group.

The core idea that makes sense of all biology is...
a) the process of science.
b) the correlation of function with structure.
c) evolution.
d) unity in diversity.

Changing the _____ would change it into an atom of a different element.
a) number of electons surrounding the nucleus of an atom.
b) number of bonds formed by an atom.
c) number of protons in the nucleus of an atom.
d) number of neutrons in the nucleus of an atom.

Most of the unique properties of water result from the fact that water molecules...
a) are very small.
b) are held together by covalent bonds.
c) easily separate from one another.
d) are polar and form hydrogen bonds.

A glucose molecule is to starch as...
a) a steroid is to a lipid.
b) a protein is to an amino acid.
c) a nucleotide is to a nucleic acid.
d) an amino acid is to a nucleic acid.

Your bone cells, muscle cells, and skin cells look different because...
a) each cell contains different kinds of genes.
b) each cell has different mutations.
c) different genes are active in each kind of cell.
d) they contain different numbers of genes.

If an intestinal cell in a grasshopper contains 24 chromosomes, a grasshopper sperm cell contains _____ chromosomes.
a) 3
b) 6
c) 12
d) 24

Which of the following is NOT a function of mitosis in humans?
a) repair of wounds
b) growth
c) production of gametes from diploid cells
d) replacement of lost or damaged cells

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