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Who sent Lewis and Clark to explore the west?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Abe Lincoln
c) George Washington
d) Sacagawea

What was the name of one of the major river they explored?
a) Hudson River
b) Swanny River
c) Missouri River
d) Fothergill River

What job did both Lewis and Clark have before they became explores?
a) They both were blacksmiths
b) They both were translators
c) They both were ship builders
d) They were both in the army

What was the group of people who went west with Lewis and Clark called?
a) Corps of Volunteers
b) Corps of Discovery
c) Corps of Ohio
d) Corps of Jefferson

The deal to buy land from the French that freed up the western U.S. is called?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) The New Deal
c) French Deal
d) Jefferson Purchase

Who acted as translator for the group?
a) Meriwether Lewis
b) William Clark
c) Captain Amos Stoddard
d) Sacagawea

What ocean were they trying to reach?
a) The Pacific Ocean
b) The Indian Ocean
c) The Atlantic Ocean
d) The Arctic Ocean

About how many people came with Lewis and Clark?
a) 44
b) 22
c) 33
d) 5

About how long did the trip take?
a) 3 weeks
b) 3 years
c) 3 months
d) 3 days

What mountain range did they have to cross?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Himalayas
c) Andes mountains
d) Great Smoky Mountains

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