IB Biology Review 2 (SL & HL) Question Preview (ID: 557)

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Resolving power is the...
a) ability of an optical instrument to show two close objects as separate.
b) size of an image.
c) ability of an optical instrument to magnify an image.
d) distance between the lenses of a microscope.

Which of the following CORRECTLY states the relationship between dinosaurs and birds?
a) Biologists have always considered birds to be descended from dinosaurs.
b) Biologists now widely accept that dinosaurs were descended from birds.
c) Biologists now widely accept that birds were descended from dinosaurs.
d) Biologists now widely accept that birds were NOT descended from dinosaurs.

During which phase of mitosis does the nuclear envelope re-form and the nucleoli reappear?
a) anaphase
b) prophase
c) telophase
d) metaphase

Which of these is a difference between DNA and RNA?
a) RNA is double-stranded; DNA is single-stranded.
b) DNA is found in the nucleus; RNA is never found in the nucleus.
c) In DNA, adenine pairs with guanine; in RNA, adenine pairs with thymine.
d) DNA contains thymine; RNA contains uracil.

In salad dressings, oil quickly separates from vinegar because oils are...
a) heavier than water.
b) polar.
c) nonpolar.
d) hydrophilic.

Evolution by natural selection relies upon...
a) heritable variation.
b) overproduction of offspring.
c) a struggle for existence.
d) All answers are correct.

To be scientifically valid, a hypothesis must be...
a) phrased as a question.
b) based on faith.
c) testable.
d) testable and falsifiable.

The role of a control in an experiment is to...
a) provided a basis of comparison to the experimental group.
b) prove that a hypothesis is correct.
c) ensure repeatability.
d) prove that a hypothesis is correct and ensure repeatability.

The four most common elements in living organisms are...
a) C, H, O, Fe
b) C, H, O, Na
c) C, H, O, N
d) C, N, O, Na

A scanning electron microscope is used to study _____, whereas a transmission electron microscope is used to study _____.
a) live cells...dead cells
b) cell surfaces...internal cell structures
c) dead cells...live cells
d) internal cell structures...cell surfaces

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