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A process that produces a chemical change is a...
a) Physical reaction
b) Chemical change
c) Physcial Change
d) Chemical reaction

Water freezing is an example of...
a) Physical change
d) Chemical change

Rust on a bike's handle bars is an example of....
a) Physical reaction
d) Chemical reaction

An indicator that a chemical reaction with you sight is....
a) Tastes sours
b) Color change
c) Bubbles form
d) Heat

The substances that react to each other are known as....
a) Solids
b) Reactants
c) Products
d) Liquids

The result of a chemical reaction is known as....
a) Reactants
b) Products
c) Acid
d) Base

A chemical reaction has occurs when a substance tastes...
a) Sweet
b) The Same
c) Bitter
d) Sour

A chemical reaction has occured when you can feel....
a) Heat
b) Cold
c) Gritty
d) Moisture

Which example explains the Conservation of Mass?
a) Matter is created by not destroyed.
b) Mater is niether created or destroyed.
c) Matter is not created or distroyed, just changes.
d) Matter is not created but destroyed.

Use the equation: Alka Seltzer + Water -- ? What are the products?
a) Oxygen and Acid
b) Carbon Dioxide and Basic Solution
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Oxygen and Water

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