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Businesses and consumers are increasingly using the _______ and special software tools to manage their finances.
a) Loans
b) Currency
c) Web
d) European Union

Excel has an _________ feature that enables you to quickly format an entire list or table with a set of predefined formats.
a) AutoFormat
b) Single
c) Problems
d) Styles

In Excel, you can set a horizontal page break or a _________ page break.
a) Previewing
b) File
c) Nonadjacent
d) Vertical

When you initially define a style, you apply to a _______ cell all the formats that you want to save in the style.
a) Problems
b) Single
c) Styles
d) AutoFormat

By default, Excel prints a worksheet using ______ orientation.
a) Landscape
b) Portrait
c) Horizontal
d) Vertical

You can add headers or footers to your worksheets that include information such as the _______ name, current date, or page number.
a) Style
b) AutoFormat
c) Single
d) File

An _______ service can pay your bills and integrate your online banking account into a current statement showing your financial picture.
a) Online
b) Currency
c) Finance
d) Loans

The euro was introduced primarily to provide a common ________ that could be used among European countries to avoid the need to convert to another.
a) Loan
b) Finance
c) Currency
d) Gift

If you are printing a large worksheet that won't easily fit on a single page, you can specify where in the worksheet you want ______ to occur.
a) Problems
b) Styles
c) Titles
d) Page Breaks

Doing this will show you how the worksheet will look when printed.
a) Modifying
b) Previewing
c) Printing
d) Manipulating

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