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The common farmers, merchants, workers, and artisans that made up the majority of Roman citizens.
a) Plebeians
b) Senate
c) Caesar
d) Slaves

professional combatant or a captive who entertained the public by engaging in mortal combat
a) Gladiators
b) Patricians
c) Soldiers
d) Equites

Wealthy, aristocratic landowners who held most of the power in the early republic:
a) Equestrians
b) Slaves
c) Patricians
d) Greeks

Ancient city southeast of Naples that was buried by a volcanic eruption from Mount Vesuvius
a) Vesuvius
b) Herculaneum
c) Pompeii
d) Pliny

People who were regarded as the property of their masters
a) Consuls
b) Assembly
c) Plebeian
d) Slaves

The two chief executive officials of the Roman Republic
a) Consul
b) Praetor
c) Patrician
d) Tribune

The rich businessmen of Rome, their name means knight
a) Legion
b) Equestrians
c) Consul
d) Patrician

The branch of Roman government given to the plebeians.
a) Assembly
b) Senate
c) Tribune
d) Plebeian

A supreme commander; usually the chief or official under a state of emergency and military law
a) Conqueror
b) Dictator
c) Imperator
d) Consul

The major unit of the Roman army
a) Legion
b) Equestrian
c) Knight
d) Patrician

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