Adding -ed And -ing Question Preview (ID: 5562)

Add -ed Or -ing To Words Ending With E.[print questions]

Add -ed to save
a) saving
b) saveed
c) savd
d) saved

Add -ing to pile
a) piled
b) piling
c) pileed
d) pileing

Add -ing to ice
a) icing
b) iceing
c) iccing
d) iceeng

Add -ed to like
a) liker
b) liking
c) liked
d) likeed

Add -ing to wave
a) waaving
b) wavving
c) wayving
d) waving

Add -ed to pile
a) piled
b) pilled
c) pile
d) pileed

Add -ing to hike
a) hikking
b) hiking
c) hikiing
d) hiker

Add -ed to save
a) saver
b) savved
c) saving
d) saved

Add -ing to glide
a) glidding
b) glide
c) glided
d) gliding

Add -ed to wipe
a) wiped
b) wipedd
c) wipeed
d) wipped

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