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Prospecting is also called
a) exploration
b) removing overburden
c) smelting
d) none of the answers

A surface mine that involves moving away large amounts of overburden is
a) open pit
b) placer
c) room and pillar
d) long wall

What type of pollution can mining cause
a) all answers are correct
b) water
c) air
d) soil

In smelting this bonds with the impurities
a) flux
b) slag
c) overburden
d) gaunge

An orderly repeating structure is called a
a) mineral
b) ore
c) slag
d) flux

One of the top producing countries of lead is
a) Australia
b) Japan
c) Canada
d) Brazil

These mines may be used later for document storage
a) salt
b) lead
c) gypsum
d) gold

If a mineral is dull and an insulator it is a
a) nonmetal
b) metal
c) gaunge mineral
d) overburden

This mine is a series of small holes
a) gopher
b) room and pillar
c) long wall
d) placer

AMD is
a) acid mine drainage
b) acid mineral damage
c) accuate mineral damage
d) actual mine deployment

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