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Do men whose bodies that do not go through the same biological changes as women suffer from postpartum depression?
a) No
b) Yes
c) Maybe
d) None of the choices

Do men show that they have postpartum depression?
a) No, typically they will withdraw and bury themselves in work
b) Sometimes, if they have an outlet
c) Yes, they always show they are depressed
d) Unsure

Do men suffer from postpartum depression because of their mate?
a) No, it has no affects on men
b) Sometimes, depending on how sensitive the man is
c) None of the choices
d) Yes, a partner with this sort of depression seems to increase the likelihood of them having it

What affects on children if any does it have when their father suffers from postpartum depression?
a) Little to no affect
b) None of the choices
c) They suffer from emotional and behavioral problems, and poor language skills
d) It has no affects at all since men don't suffer from post-partum depression

Are men more likely to take their children to doctor visits?
a) No
b) Yes
c) If time permits
d) Unsure

Why are men more likely to suffer from postpartum depression?
a) They don't suffer at all from post-partum depression
b) Unsure
c) None of the choices
d) Men have a lack of social networks in which they can share stories and get ideas from other men

One out of every ten men suffer from post-partum depression?
a) False
b) True
c) None of the choices
d) None of the choices

Does having a father with postpartum depression affect girls or boys more?
a) Girls
b) Both
c) Boys
d) Unsure

Why is it that postpartum depression is rarely discussed in men?
a) They don't suffer from it so why discuss it
b) Men don't acknowledge they have it
c) Their are no doctors to assist them
d) None of the choices

What are some negative affects postpartum depression has on men?
a) They become more likely to be dependent on drugs or alcohol
b) They sometimes become abusive
c) They attempt suicide
d) All of the choices

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