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Water is transported in plant tissues agains gravity due to which of the following properties?
a) cohesion
b) adhesion
c) hydrogen bonding
d) All of the answers are correct.

What do the following have in common with reference to water: cohesion, surface tension, specific heat?
a) All are products of the structure of the hydrogen atom.
b) All have to do with polarity of water molecules.
c) All are properties related to hydrogen bonding.
d) All are produced by covalent bonding.

The centromere is a region in which...
a) chromatids are attached to one another.
b) the nucleus is located prior to mitosis.
c) chromosomes are grouped during telophase.
d) metaphase chromosomes become aligned.

Evolution best explains...
a) how organisms obtain energy.
b) why all organisms have characteristics in common.
c) why organisms came into existence.
d) the mechanism of growth and development.

Kingdoms are grouped into a higher category known as...
a) epochs.
b) domains.
c) eukarya.
d) phyla.

The sum total of an organism's interaction with the biotic and abiotic resources of its environment is...
a) habitat.
b) symbiosis.
c) range.
d) niche.

Organisms in which of the following groups can be primary producers?
a) humans.
b) fungi.
c) cows.
d) flowering plants.

What would be an expected consequence of changing one amino acid in a particular protein?
a) The primary structure would be changed.
b) All of the answers are correct.
c) The biological activity of hte protein might be altered.
d) The tertiary structure might be changed.

All of the following bases are found in DNA EXCEPT...
a) thymine
b) adenine
c) uracil
d) guanine

Crossing over ocurs during which phase of meiosis?
a) prophase I
b) anaphase I
c) telophase I
d) prophase II

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