What Do You Want To Be? Question Preview (ID: 55572)

Testing Your Vocabulary About Occupations.

Tom likes to work on the plane. What does he do?
a) An Airline Pilot
b) A Doctor
c) An Artist
d) A Chef

The.... help sick people in the hospital.
a) Engineer
b) Architect
c) Nurse
d) Reporter

Bob works in the restaurant. What does he do?
a) A Chef
b) A Dentist
c) An Electrician
d) A Reporter

Mary serves drinks and meals on the airplane. What does she do?
a) A Mechanic
b) A Flight Attendant
c) An Agronomist
d) A Hairstylist

Rose likes to design website. What does she do?
a) A Homemaker
b) A Veterinarian
c) A Web Designer
d) An Airline Pilot

The...helps sick animals such as dogs and cats.
a) Musician
b) Naturalist
c) Artist
d) Veterinarian

The... builds the tall buildings.
a) Electrician
b) Engineer
c) Musician
d) Chef

Sarah works in the beauty salon. What does she do?
a) Hairstylist
b) Reporter
c) Scientist
d) Architect

The... repairs many cars and motorcycles.
a) Scientist
b) Administrative Assistant
c) Mechanic
d) Nurse

The.... read news on the television.
a) Reporters
b) Homemakers
c) Electricians
d) Nurses

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