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Review For Certification.

Which of the following best describes urban sprawl?
a) Clearing of land for timber, farming, ranching or industrial development
b) Warming of the average climate
c) Loss of land area due to rising sea levels
d) Mass expansion of urban areas which rapidly destroy the surrounding environment

Select all of the statements which are true about rainforests
a) Is the least diverse habitat type
b) Contains nutrient-rich soil
c) Covers six percent of the earth
d) Most animals live on the forest floor

Which of the following would most likely be found in a bog?
a) Catfish
b) Cattails
c) Carnivorous plants
d) Waterweeds

What percentage of fresh water is trapped in glaciers or underground aquifers?
a) 99
b) 75
c) 40
d) 15

Tourism and recreation are examples of which of the following services provided by habitats?
a) Provisional
b) Cultural
c) Regulating
d) Supporting

Which of the following is NOT a category of wetland biome?
a) Bog
b) Marsh
c) Tropical
d) Fen

Which of the following does NOT conduct nitrogen fixation?
a) Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
b) Humans
c) Algae
d) Peanuts

Where is the phosphorus cycle primarily conducted?
a) In soil and plants
b) In volcanoes and lightning
c) In water and atmosphere
d) In air and volcanoes

Which of the following does NOT influence an organism’s niche?
a) Competition with other species
b) Mutualism
c) Commensalism
d) Parasitism

Which of the following is known to cause primary succession?
a) Acid Rain
b) Tornadoes
c) Floods
d) Glacier movement

Which of the following best describes a prescribed burn?
a) Controlled fires created by experts to clear fire fuel
b) Accidental fires caused by humans
c) Managed fires used to stimulate the release of oxygen stored in plants
d) Naturally occurring fires in forest areas caused by lightning

A forest habitat which undergoes fragmentation can lose up to 45 percent of its biodiversity
a) False
b) True

Which of the following invasive species cause soil erosion, destroy young trees and consume seeds and nuts necessary for new growth?
a) Feral hogs
b) Earthworms
c) Cats
d) Cottontail rabbits

Which of the following acts encouraged settlers to move west and provided free acreage to those who made the journey?
a) Homestead act
b) Organic act
c) Weeks act
d) Manifest destiny act

Experts estimate around ____ million acres of tree-covered land is considered in risk of mortality.
a) 81
b) 96
c) 121
d) 125

How much of the earth’s land surface is covered with grasslands?
a) 20 to 40 percent
b) 10 to 19 percent
c) 20 to 30 percent
d) 40 to 45 percent

Which of the following is NOT a main threat which plagues grasslands today?
a) Urbanization
b) Lasting effects from Dust Bowl
c) Climate change
d) Unsustainable agriculture

Which of the following best describes the Farm Bill?
a) Special tax farmers must pay each year which goes towards conservation
b) Contract which states farmers and ranchers who own a certain amount of land must provide the government with proof
c) Incentives provided to landowners to conserve grassland habitats
d) Enables federal government to fund grazing programs to improve and manage rangelands

Where are savannas typically found?
a) Europe and North America
b) South of the Tropic of Capricorn
c) Higher altitudes
d) Africa, Australia and South America

Why do temperate grasslands have the most fertile soil on earth?
a) Grass roots decaying below the surface enriches the soil with nutrients
b) Grasslands have the least number of invasive species who absorb nutrients from the soil
c) Temperate grasslands receive the most rainfall compared to other grasslands
d) Trees require substantial amounts of nutrients to grow, so the lack of trees in grassland areas allows for more fertile soil

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