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Why was there a need for the rise of slavery in the American colonies?
a) There was a demand for laborers to grow the Old World cash crops.
b) There was a demand for laborers to grow the New World cash crops.
c) There was a demand for laborers to go to Europe to work the manor.
d) There was a demand for laborers to go to Africa to work the farmland.

Which of the following was an effect colonialism had on indigenous people?
a) The population of indigenous people was reduced due to disease.
b) The Europeans allowed the indigenous people to live on reservations.
c) The indigenous people were able to live freely among the Europeans.
d) The population of indigenous people increased because family life was important.

Besides slavery, what was one reason for conflict between the Europeans and the indigenous people?
a) European missionaries were trying to convert the indigenous people to Christianity
b) European missionaries were trying to convert the indigenous people to Islam
c) European missionaries were trying to convert the indigenous people to Judaism
d) European missionaries were trying to convince the indigenous people that slavery was unnecessary

Which of the following was an effect of colonialism on the continent of Africa?
a) The Transatlantic slave trade impaired Africa's potential to develop economically.
b) The Transatlantic slave trade boosted the economy of Africa because of the money they were receiving.
c) The Transatlantic slave trade increased the population of Africa.
d) The Transatlantic slave trade did not effect on Africa.

The death of indigenous labor force led to what agricultural practice in the new world?
a) Importation of slave labor from Africa.
b) Importation of criminals from Europe
c) Europeans inviting Africans to come work as paid labor in the New World.
d) European colonists becoming the main source of labor

What is the Columbian Exchange?
a) An exchange of animals, plants, ideas and disease.
b) Only an exchange of plants.
c) Only an exchange of animals.
d) Only an exchange of ideas.

What disease(s) did not have an impact on the New World?
a) Chicken Pox
b) Smallpox
c) Measles
d) Influenza

What animal from the old world changed the Native Americans living on the Great Plains way of life?
a) Horses
b) Turkey
c) Ducks
d) Alpaca

What food crop led to population growth and eventually to a famine in the Old World?
a) potatoes
b) corn
c) beans
d) pumpkins

What practice/technology did European colonizers improve upon after contact with the New World?
a) Farming
b) Military tactics
c) trade
d) Astronomy

What technologies assisted the Europeans and allowed overseas exploring?
a) Shipbuilding, navigational instruments, mapmaking
b) Food sources from the New World
c) Water sources from the colonies
d) Military's use of gunpowder

Because of the demand for goods from the _______________, people began to explore new ways to Asia.
a) Far East
b) Mediterrranean
c) North America
d) South Africa

The sentence: 'Countries like Spain wanted to be first to find a water route to Asia' meets the requirement of ____________ as a reason for exploration?
a) Glory
b) God
c) Guilt
d) Gold

The motive of God as a reason for exploration meant
a) Christianis felt it was their duty to spread Christianity
b) European missionaries ceased to exist
c) Non-Christians felt that they needed to conquer more lands.
d) Christians wanted to begin another round of Crusades

Why did people begin to explore new ways to get to Asia?
a) Travel by sea was not allowed by Mulim Turks
b) Travel by land was too easy and did not challenge merchants enough.
c) Travel along the Northwest passage was constantly at war.
d) Travel along the Silk Road had become dangerous and expensive

In the book 'Encounter', what feeling of the indigenous child is displayed in the line 'Do not welcome them. Do not call them friendly' ?
a) Fear
b) Happiness
c) Hopitality
d) Excitement

'So it was we lost our lands to the strangers from the sky. We gave our souls to their gods. We took their speech into our mouths, forgetting our own' a line from Encounter means?
a) The Indigenous people began to lose their culture/way of life to the European explorers culture.
b) The European explorers killed all indigenous people and sacrificed them to their gods.
c) The Indigenous people forgot how to speak after the European explorers came to the New World.
d) The European explorers stole the land, religion and language of the Indigenous people

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