America's Champion Swimmer Question Preview (ID: 55518)

America's Champion Swimmer.

a) a stuck-up person
b) fluctuations in the stock market
c) a type of disease
d) movement of the arms and legs in swimming

a) swallow food quickly
b) tie something up
c) mix something by moving it around with a spoon or stick
d) thrust a knife into something

a) a piece of metal like coin that is given as a prize
b) interfere with something
c) remedy
d) syrup

a) bay
b) wind
c) a flow or stream of water
d) period of time

a) swim underwater using equipment.
b) sunbathe
c) feel dizzy
d) die under water because of lack of air to breathe

a) carry on
b) halt
c) stop
d) meet at a point

a) feel or show sorrow for the death of someone
b) acknowledge a significant or happy day or event with a social gathering or enjoyable activity
c) a plant
d) a famous person

a) pavement
b) flyover
c) bridge
d) zebra crossing

a) an excited event
b) a festival
c) a sudden accident that causes great damage or loss of life
d) a ceremony

a) unable to move easily and without pain
b) bendy
c) flexible
d) relaxed

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