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Who was the leader in ancient Chinese society?
a) The President
b) Mulan
c) The Emperor
d) The Dragon

Which of the following is NOT a reason Mulan goes off to war?
a) Her father is unwilling to go to battle.
b) Her father is too weak to fight.
c) The law requires one male per family go to war.
d) Her little brother is too young for war.

What is the main character flaw of the prince and the princess in The Bridge of Magpies?
a) Pride
b) Laziness
c) Bitterness
d) Disloyalty

In the story, The Dragon's Pearl, what valuable lesson does the mother learn?
a) If you are a manipulative, bad things will happen to you.
b) Work hard, and do not be lazy.
c) Do not be foolish in who you trust.
d) Make friends with everyone, including Dragons.

Which of the following was NOT an ancient chinese practice?
a) Revenge cannibalism
b) Flame throwing
c) Foot binding
d) Ear piercing

What was China's main export that was created in a very secretive manner?
a) Silk
b) Gold
c) Oil
d) Rice

In The Dragon's Pearl, how did the boy feel when he swallowed the pearl?
a) Hungry
b) Thirsty
c) Tired
d) Hot

In Mulan, how did Mulan save her soilders?
a) She led them in a charge against the enemy.
b) She shot an arrow at a snowy mountain and caused an avalanche.
c) She commanded them to go into hiding and then to surprise attack the enemy.
d) She revealed her supernatural powers.

According to The Bridge of Magpies, why are Magpies' heads black?
a) The dirt from the King's throne
b) The dust from the stars
c) The dye from the dark, rainy clouds
d) The mud on the traveler's feet

Which of the following best describes the mother and the son in The Dragon's Pearl?
a) Generous
b) Deceptive
c) Spoiled
d) Forgetful

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