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25. Which STD CANNOT be cured?
a) gonorrhea
b) Herpes
c) chlamydia
d) syphilis

Which disease damages the immune system?
b) Genital Herpes
c) HPV
d) Vaginitis

20. Some methods used to prevent conception include condoms, diaphragms, spermicides and
a) Saliva
b) birth control pills
c) vitamin injections
d) antibiotics

Condoms are a form of
a) HIV
b) STD
c) Refusal skills
d) Birth control

Which is the best definition of sexual abstinence?
a) Not being present
b) Obtaining information
c) Not participating in intimate sexual acts
d) Being dependent on something or someone

HIV is passed from one person to another
a) By kissing
b) By shaking hands
c) Through body fluids
d) Through the air

HIV infects and destroys
a) Bacteria
b) B cells
c) Protozoa
d) T cells

Which statement is true about STD’s?
a) Teenagers cannot contract STDs from their sexual partners.
b) A person who has an STD has no symptoms
c) Once a person has an STD, she or he cannot get the STD again
d) A person can contract an STD by having one unprotected sexual encounter.

Sexual abstinence is a responsible choice because
a) It is the most popular choice
b) It is the only way to express affection
c) It is the only sure way to avoid STD’s
d) It can be hidden from parents or guardians

The virus that causes AIDs is
a) Chlamydia
b) HIV
c) Syphilis
d) HPV

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