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Why were the first governments formed?
a) The people needed organization for large building projects, taking care of the food supply, making laws, and forming armies
b) Some people were stronger, faster, and smarter
c) People needed bullies to force them to do things they didn't want to do
d) They learned from the animal kingdom about how to hunt

In which area did one of the first civilizations settle?
a) farmland on a mountain
b) an island in the gulf
c) a land between two rivers
d) a desert area

Which of the following best describes the first Mesopotamians?
a) hunters
b) farmers
c) roamers
d) hunter gatherers

Which of the following was a reason why people settled in southern Mesopotamia?
a) plenty of fresh water
b) low rainfall
c) many trees
d) plenty of wild game

How did the early people in Mesopotamia make farming successful?
a) The domesticated crops
b) They waited for the rainy season
c) They migrated
d) They irrigated their crops

Which of the following was NOT part of the Sumerian civilization?
a) worship of a single God
b) walls around their city-states
c) ziggurats
d) mud-brick houses

What technology was developed by the peoples of Mesopotamia?
a) the steel plow blade
b) a system of writing
c) a class system
d) farming

What advantage was there to cuneiform writing over picture writing?
a) It was prettier
b) It provided a permanent record
c) Only royalty used it
d) It was simpler

How did the Sumerians advance their civilization?
a) They became smarter
b) They developed writing, religion, and technology
c) They developed the ability to farm
d) They became stronger

Who ruled the kingdom of Babylonia and created a code of laws to live by?
a) Nebuchadnezzar II
b) Hammurabi
c) Ashurbanipal
d) Babylon

What was the overall purpose of the Code of Hammurabi?
a) enforce punishment
b) protect property
c) teach good business practices
d) protect the people

What was the main difference between the Assyrians and Babylonians?
a) The Babylonians has social classes
b) The Assyrians spoke Sumerian
c) The Babylonians were great warriors
d) The Assyrians place a higher value on war and conquest

Which of the following describes Babylon under the rule of Nebuchadnezzar?
a) great and glorious
b) wealthy and conquered
c) weak and overcome
d) small and famous

What did Abraham agree to practice when he made the covenant with God?
a) polytheism
b) multitheism
c) monotheism
d) unitheism

What kingdom did King David form by uniting the Hebrew tribes?
a) Carthage
b) Canaan
c) Judah
d) Israel

What was the purpose of Solomon's temple?
a) serve as an earth house for God
b) house the Torah
c) be remembered in history
d) serve as Solomon's palace

What contributions of the Lydians still exists today?
a) Coins
b) Trading
c) Literature
d) Paintings.

What effect did the Phoenicians' trading have on the world?
a) More people lived in peace
b) More lands were conquered
c) Fewer people battled
d) Goods and ideas were spread

Why would a civilization develop near a river?
a) Trade, Transportation, Farming
b) Drinking Water, Bathing Water, Fishing Water
c) It is cooler near the river
d) Mosquitos were not around during this time

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