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Age Of Exploration - TCI 32.1 And 32.2 Review.

A huge advantage Europeans had over native tribes of the world were the use of _____________.
a) weapons
b) believe systems
c) food
d) clothing

The astrolabe helped sailors determine their distance north or south from the ___________.
a) Prime meridian
b) equator
c) Tropic of Capricorn
d) South Pole

Which does NOT describe the caravel ship of the age of exploration?
a) Small
b) Fast
c) old
d) Easy to maneuver

The Age of Exploration began during the _________________.
a) Reformation
b) Age of Samurai
c) Renaissance
d) Enlightenment

The science and art of making maps
a) Cartography
b) Caravel
c) Compass
d) Astrolabe

When were some of the first globes made by Europeans?
a) 1800's
b) 400's
c) 2020
d) 1500's

One of the main motives for exploration was finding a new passage to...
a) Europe
b) Africa
c) South America
d) Asia

One of the main items sought out from the eastern side of the world was...
a) silk
b) gold
c) spices
d) figs

Which groups controlled the trade of goods before Europeans?
a) Germans and Italians
b) Muslims and Italians
c) Muslims and West Africans
d) Americans and Japanese

Another main motive for exploration was the spread the religion of...
a) Christianity
b) Polytheism
c) Islam
d) Buddhism

What is a motive?
a) Something that causes a person or people to act
b) Something that causes a person to be lazy
c) Someone who takes charge
d) Someone who explores the world

When was the Age of Exploration?
a) 1492 - 1776
b) 1418 - 1620
c) 476 - 1346
d) 888 - 1444

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