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Environmental Issues That Are Found In Canada.[print questions]

What environmental issue is happening in the forests of Canada?
a) air pollution
b) clear cutting trees
c) water pollution
d) planting trees

What is an effect of extracting natural resources in the Canadian Shield region?
a) damage to the land
b) more trees grow
c) air is easy to breathe
d) animals come to the area

Which is an environmental issue around the Canadian Shield?
a) water pollution
b) air pollution
c) acid rain
d) extraction of natural resources

What is a solution to the Acid Rain problem around the Great Lakes?
a) The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
b) build more factories
c) The United States and Canada Clean Air Initiative
d) drive cars more often

What is the effect of Acid Rain around the Great Lakes?
a) fish die and water is unusable
b) electric cars are useful
c) trees are floating in the water
d) it is hard to breathe

What is the cause of Acid Rain around the Great Lakes?
a) cutting down to many trees
b) dumping pollution in the water
c) factories and automobile exhausts
d) building to many houses

What is the environmental issues found along the Great Lakes?
a) deforestation
b) oil pollution
c) acid rain
d) over mining

Which is NOT an effect of clear cutting trees in Canada's forests?
a) reduces water quality
b) causes erosion
c) air quality is improved
d) destroys animal habitat

What is a solution to clear cutting trees in Canada?
a) replant tree seedlings
b) build roads in the forests
c) allow hunting in the region
d) mine for minerals in the region

Which word is NOT associated clear cutting of forests in Canada
a) deforestation
b) timber industry
c) logging
d) mining

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