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Westward Expansion And Manifest Destiny.[print questions]

Land purchased from France in 1803 when Thomas Jefferson was president that doubled the U.S size.
a) Texas Annexation
b) Mexican Cession
c) Louisiana Purchase
d) Northwest Territory

What is the name given to the belief that the United States had the right and duty to expand across the North American continent?
a) Louisiana Purchase
b) Monroe Doctrine
c) Great Awakening
d) Manifest Destiny

The primary goal of Manifest Destiny was ....
a) end slavery in the new territories
b) expansion westward to the Pacific Ocean
c) removal of European influence from South America
d) secession of southern states from the nation

As Americans took over more and more land, what happened to Native Americans?
a) They agreed to give up their land
b) They were forced to live in reservations
c) They were given their choice of where to live
d) They voluntarily moved to Canada and Mexico

Which of the following presidents purchased Louisiana?
a) Jefferson
b) Washington
c) Adams
d) Jackson

In the Manifest Destiny painting, what directions are the Native Americans running?
a) North
b) West
c) South
d) East

People who were against the Louisiana Purchase argued that it was
a) was not fair to the British
b) allowed access to the Mississippi River
c) unconstitutional and not allowed
d) could create a war

How did the US acquire the land explored by Lewis and Clark?
a) They defeated the Native Americans for it.
b) They won a war against France for it
c) They took it from Spain.
d) They bought it from France for $15 million

What were the difficulties of the Oregon Trail?
a) Length of the journey
b) Diseases
c) Weather
d) All of the above

Where did the travelers on the Oregon Trail originally set out from?
a) Oklahoma
b) Mississippi
c) Missouri
d) Texas

The purchase of Louisana
a) doubled the size of the US
b) was a costly mistake
c) was opposed by western farmers
d) led to war with Great Britain

In what year did the US purchase the Louisiana territory?
a) 1813
b) 1876
c) 1845
d) 1803

Why did Jefferson want to buy the new Louisiana territory?
a) He wanted to use that land to build factories
b) He thought the purchase would make him a better president
c) He wanted more farmland for the US
d) He bought it because Napoleon needed money

Who explored Missouri to Oregon?
a) Sacagawea and Jefferson
b) Lewis and Clark
c) Napoleon and Sacagawea
d) Clark and Sacagawea

Which of the following is not a way the railroad increased agricultural trade?
a) Native Americans profited from cash crops brought in by the railroads
b) Farmers used the railroads to get their crops to market
c) Ranchers used the railroads to get their cattle to processing centers
d) Factories in the east profited from cash crops brought in by the railroads

What impact did the railroads have on Native Americans?
a) the railroads helped the Native Americans move east
b) Native Americans got jobs on the railroads
c) the railroads increased the amount of land the Native Americans had
d) the railroads limited their land and decreased their food supply and resources

Native Americans living on the Great Plains relied on which of the following to meet many of their basic needs?
a) Cotton
b) Deer
c) Buffalo
d) Gold

The Oregon Trail was one trail
a) True
b) False

Which of Sacagawea's skills was the main reason she was asked to join the Corps of Discovery?
a) Her ability to speak the Shoshoni language
b) Her experience making medicines out of indigenous plants
c) Her strong swimming skills
d) Her knowledge of the landscape within tribal lands

What was the biggest threat faced by the Corps of Discovery during its crossing of the Rocky Mountains?
a) Grizzly Bears
b) Low food supplies
c) Indian Raids
d) Heat exhaustion

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