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What is an abolitionist?
a) someone opposed to slavery
b) someone who owned slaves
c) a nickname for congressman from the south
d) a new invention

Who was the 12th President of the US?
a) Martin Van Buren
b) Lewis Cass
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Zachary Taylor

Why did it matter that free and slave states stay equal?
a) no one likes odd numbers
b) so that they wouldn't have to redo the flag
c) so slaves would have somewhere to run away to
d) so they would have the same number of votes in Senate

Missouri Compromise said that all state made within the Louisian Purchase would follow what rule?
a) states south of the 36 30 Latitude line would enter as slave states
b) all states would vote on free or slave for themselves
c) all states north of 36 30 Latitude would enter as slave state
d) would be free states

The north believed
a) slavery needed to be abolished
b) slavery was ok in the south
c) slavery was to be voted on
d) everyone should do what they wanted

Uncle Tom's Cabin made people in the North mad because of what reason?
a) it told people about what happened on the Trail of Tears
b) it told people about the harsh treatment of slaves in the south
c) it spoke bad about the President
d) it said women were equal to men

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 did what?
a) ended slavery
b) made slavery legal in the west
c) jailed people for abusing slaves
d) made people have to turn in slaves or be fined $1000

California entered as what type of state?
a) free
b) slave
c) to be decided by popular soveriegnty
d) none of the above

What was the south's view on slavery in 1850?
a) against it
b) slavery had to continue for economic reasons
c) wanted new states to vote on it
d) didn't have an opinion

How were judges encouraged to turn slaves back in to the south?
a) they could be sued if they didn't
b) President put pressure on them to do this
c) they were paid twice as much to send them back to the south
d) they could lose their jobs if they didn't

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