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What is the purpose of expository writing?
a) To persuade your reader to agree with you.
b) To entertain your reader.
c) To teach/inform your reader.
d) To bore your reader.

How is an expository topic sentence different than a persuasive topic sentence?
a) The magic word for persuasive is Many, for expository it's Without.
b) Persuasive essays do not need a topic sentence.
c) Expository topic sentences should begin with In my opinion.
d) They are actually the same.

In an expository essay, you need 3 _______ instead of 3 reasons.
a) questions
b) quotes
c) main ideas
d) hooks

What does Body Paragraph #1 focus on in an expository essay?
a) Reason #1
b) Hook #1
c) Question #1
d) Main Idea #1

What does the T stand for in an expository TAAALES paragraph?
a) Tell a Main Idea
b) Tell a Thought
c) Tell a Reason
d) Tell a Joke

Where can you find 3 main ideas for your expository essay?
a) You can make them up.
b) You only need 1 main idea.
c) In the text.
d) Ask a friend.

Which of the following is an expository Main Idea sentence?
a) It should be against the law to use plastic drinking straws.
b) All states should ban texting while driving.
c) In order for photosynthesis to occur, sunlight is needed.
d) School districts should not fine students for tardies.

Which words do NOT belong in an expository essay?
a) detrimental/beneficial
b) without, influenced
c) impacted, to begin
d) in conclusion

When you Add a Detail in a body paragraph, you start with...
a) a question
b) a hook
c) a transition word
d) punctuation

How many main ideas do you need for an expository essay?
a) 1, you talk about the same one in each body paragraph.
b) 2, you only need two body paragraphs.
c) 4, you need to cover all of the details.
d) 3, one for each of the three body paragraphs.

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