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Which is NOT an form of Precipitation?
a) Water Vapor
b) Rain
c) Snow
d) Hail

What is the name of the process by which plants lose water to the atmosphere by evaporation from leaves?
a) Transpiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Respiration
d) Surface Run off

Which of the following is NOT an ESSENTIAL function of water to life?
a) Solvent in our blood and cells
b) As a raw material in manufacturing of food products
c) Helps keep plants upright
d) Habitat to marine organisms

What is the name of the process which results in the formation of clouds?
a) Evaporation
b) Condensation
c) Surface run-off
d) Precipitation

In the water treatment process, what is the name of the first step?
a) filtration
b) sedimentation
c) Coagulation
d) Chlorination

What is the reason that Alum (aluminum sulphate) is added to raw water in water treatment processes?
a) To separate large suspended particles from water
b) To kill bacteria in water
c) clump together suspended sediments such as sand and silt
d) To allow suspended particles to settle out under the influence of gravity

What is the reason the chemical chlorine is added to raw during water treatment?
a) To kill bacteria present in the water
b) To protect teeth from decay
c) To remove suspended particles from the water
d) To reduce the acidity of the water

How is water usually filtered in the Filtration step in Trinidad?
a) By flowing through a series of sand beds
b) By straining using metal sieves
c) By the use of very fine netting material
d) By the use of carbon beds

What is one Alternate source of water?
a) Waste water (from sewage)
b) River water
c) Rain water
d) Sea water

Which of the following is NOT away in which we can conserve water?
a) dual flush systems
b) Using a sprinkler to water plants
c) washing full loads of laundry
d) Installing self regulator taps

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