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Personal Qualities.[print questions]

A person who never shares anything
a) generous
b) selfish
c) greedy
d) unfriendly

Says one thing but does another
a) Bad-tempered
b) Impatient
c) Hypocritical
d) Pessimistic

Someone who doesn't speak much
a) Attentive
b) obedient
c) reserved
d) unpopular

Someone who is relaxed about time-keeping
a) punctual
b) attentive
c) outgoing
d) patient

Someone who is the 'life and soul of the party'
a) talkative
b) outgoing
c) lively
d) all of the above

a) looks to the future with dread
b) looks forward to the future
c) is generally unhappy
d) is never hopeful

a) is self-centred
b) is not afraid of judgement
c) does not 'show off'
d) is generous

a) a person who is deceitful
b) a rude person
c) both 1 and 4
d) a hypocrite

a) a free-thinking person
b) a submissive person
c) a lazy person
d) a proud person

A conflicted person is:
a) unsure of themselves
b) an existentialist
c) hypocritical
d) dishonest

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