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Review Of Greece.[print questions]

These were the first Greeks:
a) Persians
b) Minoans and Mycenaeans
c) Egyptians
d) Spartans

This was the home of the Greek gods
a) Mount Olympus
b) Delphi
c) Athens
d) Sparta

This was the group that would vote on laws in Athens
a) The boule
b) The Ecclesia
c) The Delians
d) None of these

Alexander the Great was:
a) A famous Greek Philosopher
b) A Persian general
c) Myth
d) A King that conquered Persia

This was a time period when Asia began to copy some of the ideas and art of the Greeks
a) Hellenistic Period
b) Classical Period
c) Dark Ages
d) Bronze Age

A hoplite is a:
a) Persian sword
b) Greek Soldier
c) Game played in the Olympics
d) Greek god

The Delian League was
a) The League that united to fight Athens
b) The place where the Greek gods lived
c) The group of City States that worked together to fight the Persians
d) A group of Persians

Which of the following was not a part of Classical Greek Culture
a) The belief in one God
b) Theater
c) Democracy
d) Philosophy

Philosophy is:
a) The armor that Greeks wore
b) The love of Wisdom
c) A method used by the Persians in Battle
d) None of these

This is the war that was fought between Sparta and Athens
a) Persian
b) Greco-Roman
c) Peloponnesian
d) Greek Dark Ages

This is the type of government that Sparta had
a) Oligarchy
b) Democracy
c) Polytheistic
d) None of these

This is the type of Government that allowed the people to vote.
a) Oligarchy
b) Democracy
c) Persian War
d) None of the above

This is the time period when Greek culture spread to other parts of Asia due to Alexander's conquests.
a) Greek Dark Ages
b) Golden Age Greece
c) Persian War
d) Hellenistic Period

Which of the following best described the geography of Greece?
a) Greece was known for its rolling hills and fertile river valleys.
b) Greece was very flat and contained many forests
c) Greece contained flat marshy land
d) Greece contained many steep mountains, islands, and few freshwater rivers.

This was the type of government where a few people ruled and made decisions
a) Oligarchy
b) Monarchy
c) Theocracy
d) Democracy

This was the time period when Greece lost much of its technology
a) The Hellenistic Period
b) The Golden Age
c) The Greek Dark Age
d) The Persian War

Polytheism is:
a) The belief in one God
b) The belief in many gods
c) Rule by the people
d) None of the above

This is rule by one single individual, usually a King
a) Tyranny
b) Democracy
c) Monarchy
d) Oligarchy

This is the type of government in which power is held illegally
a) Tyranny
b) Democracy
c) Oligarchy
d) none of these

Greek City States were independent from one another because
a) They all spoke different languages
b) They were divided geographically by mountains and by the sea
c) They were never independent
d) They used different types of money

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