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Flow Of Energy Through Organisms.

What is an energy pyramid?
a) Is a graphical representation, showing the flow of energy at each trophic level in an ecosystem.
b) A pyramid in Egypt.
c) A pyramid that create energy for the Texas power grid.
d) A picture of an electrical Pyramid.

What is an Food Web?
a) Something a spider makes for food.
b) A system of interlocking and interdependent food chains.
c) A group of organism connected by a web for food.
d) Something that collects things that fall.

What is a Food Chain?
a) Something that pulls food.
b) Different types of food connected together.
c) The sequence of transfers of matter and energy in the form of food from organism to organism.
d) Links of metal that create a straight line that looks like food.

What is a producer?
a) A person that creates a record.
b) A person that creates a new product.
c) Something that is created.
d) Organisms that produce their own food, usually the energy from sunlight to make sugar.

What is a consumer?
a) An organism that eats.
b) Organism that eats something through a mouth.
c) Organisms who depend on something else for food.
d) A person who buys a product at a store.

What is a Decomposer?
a) An organism that gets energy by breaking down the remains of dead organisms or animal wastes and consuming or absorbing the n
b) A person that creates bad music.
c) An organism that makes its own food.
d) An organism that consumes other organisms.

What is a Trophic Level?
a) A shelf where trophies are placed.
b) The position an organism occupies in a food web.
c) Level of a producer.
d) Level of a consumer.

How much energy is transferred to the next trophic level?
a) 1%
b) 2%
c) 10%
d) 100%

What is Chemical Energy?
a) Energy stored in batteries.
b) Energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules.
c) Energy from the sun.
d) Energy from light.

What is radiant energy?
a) Energy stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules.
b) Energy from the sun, heat, light or sound.
c) Energy stored in batteries.
d) Energy stored in chemicals.

During photosynthesis radiant energy is transformed into what type of energy?
a) Radiant energy in the form of light.
b) Chemical energy in the form of water.
c) Chemical energy in the form of glucose.
d) Radiant energy in the form of sound.

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