Making Measurments Question Preview (ID: 55158)

In This Test, You Will Be Questioned About Your Lesson In Making Measurements.

If 5 marbles weigh 220 grams, what is the weight of 1 marble?
a) 40 g
b) 44 g
c) 54 g
d) 50 g

Sarun took 0.5 hour to walk home. How many seconds did she took?
a) 15 minutes
b) 20 minutes
c) 30 minutes
d) 50 minutes

What is the method used to measure volume of an irregular-shaped object?
a) Replacement method
b) Displacement method
c) Filteration method
d) Dip and soak method

Which instrument below is best used to measure surface area of a curtain?
a) Balance ruler
b) 15 cm ruler
c) Measuring tape
d) Weighing scale

What is the smallest division on a metre ruler?
a) 0.1 m
b) 100 cm
c) 10 mm
d) 0.1 cm

What equipment can be used to measure volume of a liquid?
a) Evaporating dish
b) Container
c) Burette
d) Weighing scale

What is the correct formula to calculate area?
a) Length x Width
b) Length x Height
c) Width x Height
d) Width x Depth

What is the importance of using measurement unit in science experiment?
a) To show others our scientific skills
b) To proof ourselves as a successful scientist
c) To get a reliable result
d) To enhance scientific skills

What is the most suitable equipment to measure the weight of an orange?
a) Measuring cylinder
b) Forcemeter
c) Weighing scale
d) Displacement flask

What is the SI unit of temperature?
a) Degree Celsius
b) Kevin
c) Farenheit
d) Degree

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