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This Reviews Context Clues Which Helps Your Reading Vocabulary.

Barbara's irritable disposition always ruins our fun. You would think she feels bad everyday. Can you determine the meaning of disposition based on the context clues in these sentences?
a) the way someone tends to act or feel
b) being in a great mood
c) being in a bad mood
d) the position someone is in

The resourceful student figured out a way to build a volcano for his project using simple materials found around the house. Can you determine the meaning of resourceful using the context clues in these sentences?
a) good at constructing things
b) a scientist that studies volcanoes
c) able to understand science concepts easily
d) able to solve problems in clever ways; using your resources

We were astonished by the beauty and splendor of the snow capped mountains. It was truly a majestic sight to behold. Can you determine the meaning of splendor using the context clues in these sentences?
a) a mountain range
b) something that is imagined or make-believe
c) a magic trick or optical illusion
d) something of great beauty or impressive appearance

I like all flavors of ice cream, but I am especially partial to butter pecan. Which definition of partial is used in this sentence?
a) in part only; not total or complete
b) a removable denture that replaces missing teeth
c) favoring something or someone; fond of
d) biased or prejudiced toward one side, especially in government or business

Ms Burgess accentuated the title of the story by drawing arrows directly to the bold print and highlighting the words. Which context clues in the sentence best help us determine the meaning of accentuated?
a) Ms Burgess
b) highlighting the words
c) title of the story
d) There are no context clues in this sentence.

Linda tried and tried to remember everything her teacher had taught about the Alamo, but she just couldn't recall the information. Which word below is a synonym and best helps us determine the meaning of recall?
a) tried
b) taught
c) remember
d) information

There have been many exciting stories written and handed down about the legendary adventures of Robin Hood. Based on these context clues, can you determine which character below could also be called legendary?
a) George Washington - the first president of the United States
b) Spongebob Squarepants - a cartoon character who lives in a pineapple under the sea
c) Hercules - a mythological character known for his great strength and bravery
d) Mrs. Davis - a simple-minded school teacher not really known for anything special

I'm so hungry. I could eat a horse, is one example of exaggeration. Which statement below is another example of exaggeration?
a) I haven't eaten since 7:00 this morning.
b) I am going to eat every bit of my lunch today.
c) My stomach is growling so loud you can hear it.
d) I had to wait forever for my lunch.

The shrewd detective was able to easily analyze the evidence and accurately conclude which suspect was guilty. Using the clues in this sentence, I can determine that shrewd means...
a) fierce
b) clever
c) foolish
d) suspicious

Jessie is an extreme trickster. He pranks his friends so often they are never quite sure when or if they can trust him. A trickster is...
a) someone who enjoys tricking or deceiving others.
b) a fox.
c) someone who gets tricked easily.
d) a very trustworthy individual.

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