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Which nutrient is mechanically digested in the mouth?
a) Lipids
b) Starch
c) Proteins
d) All of these

Which of the following is not a salivary gland?
a) parotid
b) submandibular
c) carotid
d) sublingual

Which nutrient is chemically digested in the mouth?
a) Lipids
b) Starch
c) Proteins
d) All of these

Which type of tooth has a sharp tip for tearing and piercing?
a) Premolar
b) Incisor
c) Premolar
d) Canine

Another word for the gums is the
a) Gingiva
b) Crown
c) Root
d) Neck

This part of the tooth sits above the gumline
a) Gingiva
b) Crown
c) Root
d) Neck

The hard outer covering of a tooth is the
a) Pulp
b) Dentin
c) Enamel
d) Cementum

Which of the following is NOT a function of saliva?
a) Begins the chemical digestion of sugar.
b) Produces antibodies that inhibit bacteria.
c) Provides fluid to dissolve food chemicals for tasting.
d) Performing catabolism of carbohydrates.

The form of mechanical digestion that occurs in the mouth involving the teeth and tongue is called
a) Halitosis
b) Defecation
c) Eructation
d) Mastication

Food that is ready for swallowing after mastication is known as a
a) Chyme
b) Gingiva
c) Bolus
d) Serosa

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