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Physical, Life, Nad Earth Science Questions Mixed Together. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What two forms of energy does a flame from a burning candle release?
a) Eeectrical and mechanical
b) light and heat
c) heat and nuclear
d) chemical and electrical

Which of the following characteristics of a field mouse is most likely inherited from its parents?
a) Brown fur
b) Chipped tooth
c) Scar on its leg
d) Torn ear

Which of these should the students avoid doing while completeing a science activity?
a) Using a metal teaspoon
b) Stirring the vinegar
c) Tasting the mixture
d) Using a plastic bowl

A company collects cans for recycling. Some cans are made of aluminum, and some are made of iron. Which of the following is the best way to separate the two types of cans?
a) Heat the iron cans until they melt
b) Float the cans in water
c) Use a magnet to pick up the iron cans
d) Use scissors to cut the cans

Which organism is a producer?
a) Hawk
b) Fish
c) Grass
d) Grasshopper

Which of these is a renewable resource?
a) Coal
b) Oil
c) Wind
d) Tree

A student plans to make this lightbulb glow. All of the following objects can be used to complete the circuit EXCEPT —
a) a copper penny
b) an iron nail
c) a plastic comb
d) a metal clip

In which of these ways can volcanoes help build up new land?
a) By adding lava to Earth’s surface
b) DBy adding water vapor to the atmosphere
c) By adding gases to the atmosphere
d) By adding heat to Earth’s surface

Which of these causes day and night on Earth?
a) Earth orbiting the sun
b) The moon orbiting Earth
c) The moon blocking sunlight
d) The Earth rotating around the sun

A teaspoon of clean, dry sand is added to a cup of warm saltwater. What is most likely to happen after the mixture is stirred and then placed on a table for five minutes?
a) The amount of water will increase.
b) The cup will heat up.
c) The sand will settle to the bottom.
d) The salt will float to the top.

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