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kings, princess, castle
a) fable
b) fantasy
c) fairy tale
d) realsitic fiction

moral; a lesson
a) fairy tale
b) fable
c) nonfiction
d) realistic fiction

photographs and captions
a) nonfiction
b) realistic fiction
c) folktale
d) poetry

famous person
a) informational nonfiction
b) autobiography
c) biogrphy
d) realistic fiction

once upon a time or long ago
a) fantasy
b) nonfiction
c) poetry
d) fairy tale

headings, index, bold words
a) nonfiction
b) fiction
c) realistic fiction
d) autobiography

characters are animals
a) fairy tales
b) tall tales
c) folktales
d) fables

author writes about themself
a) nonfiction
b) biography
c) autobiography
d) informational

made up story but seems real
a) fiction
b) realistic fiction
c) poetry
d) legends

impossible events
a) realistic fiction
b) nonfiction
c) fantasy
d) biography

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