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How can large food molcules enter the cell?
a) endocytosis
b) exocytosis
c) using the secret code word and knock
d) photosynthesis

Where does photosynthesis occur?
a) chlorplast
b) mitochondria
c) cytoplasm
d) ribosomes

Which of the following is a product of photosynthesis?
a) glucose
b) water
c) sunlight
d) CO2

Which of the following is NOT used to make glucose?
a) oxygen
b) water
c) carbon dioxide
d) light energy

How is oxygen used to break down food molcules and release energy?
a) cellular respiration
b) photosynthesis
c) fermentation
d) cytokinesis

When wilted celery is soaked in water, how does it become crisp again?
a) osmosis
b) exocytosis
c) active transport
d) by wishing on a star and crossing its leaf tips

How many homologous chromosomes do human body cells have?
a) 23 pairs
b) 8 pairs
c) 2 pairs
d) varies

What is the process of cell division on a bacteria cell?
a) binary fission
b) mitosis
c) sexual reproduction
d) cellular respiration

How do plants produce their own food?
a) photosynthesis
b) cellular respiration
c) fermentation
d) active transport

What is random movement of particles from high concentration to low called?
a) diffusion
b) active transport
c) mitosis
d) cellular respiration

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