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Calculate Tip , Tax And Discounts.

Toby buys a new MP3 player for a price of $45.50. What is the total amount his credit card is charged if the sales tax is 7%?
a) $52.30
b) $34.00
c) $48.69
d) $45.50

John and his family went out to eat at their favorite restaurant. The bill for the food was $65.00, and they a left 20% tip for the server. What was the total cost of their meal (including tip)? Which expression below could be used to find the total
a) 65(1.20)
b) 65(.20)
c) 65(.80)
d) 65(1.80)

A bracelet that regularly sells for $44 is on sale for 25% off. Find the sale price of the bracelet. Which expression below could be used to find the sale price?
a) 44(.50)
b) 44(.25)
c) 44 - 44(.25)
d) 44 + 44(.25)

Jean Junction is selling jeans at 15% off the regular price. The regular price is $25.00 per pair. What is the discount amount?
a) $18.75
b) $3.75
c) $4.75
d) $9.50

8) At best buy they have a 42” TV that sells for $1250 and is on sale for 15% and sales tax is 6.5%. What is the final cost?
a) $1,546.75
b) $1,114.56
c) $950.87
d) $1,131.56

4) In a bicycle store, a $500 bicycle is marked, Get a 30% discount. What is the sale price of the bicycle?
a) $400
b) $350
c) $650
d) $678

A snowmobile priced at $2,800 is on sale for 20% off. The sales tax rate is 8.25%. What is the sale price including tax?
a) $2,424.80
b) $2,345.60
c) $2,450.78
d) $2,420.67

Jeans are on sale for 80% of the original price of $60. What is the sale price?
a) $15
b) $12
c) $50
d) $48

Anthony got 4 problems wrong on a test of 50 questions. What percent of the questions did he get correct?
a) 92%
b) 86%
c) 78%
d) 68%

Megan wants to buy a sweatshirt that costs $54.00. The store advertises the sweatshirt as 30% off. What discount will Megan receive off the sweatshirt?
a) $33.80
b) $16.20
c) $56.00
d) $45.99

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