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"land between two rivers"
a) Nile River
b) Fertile Crescent
c) Iraq
d) Mesopotamia

Into what body of water do the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow?
a) Persian Gulf
b) Caspian Sea
c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Red Sea

How were the people of the Fertile Crescent able to regulate the amount of water flowing into the canals?
a) use of ditches
b) use of gates
c) filter water
d) growing more crops

Which is NOT a parallel between early Mesopotamia and early Egypt?
a) harsh lands watered by rivers
b) developed methods to water land
c) surpluses and agriculture
d) located in western Asia

Why did cuneiform symbols grow less picture-like as time passed?
a) bored with the old writing
b) a new King ordered them to
c) scribes simplified the symbols to write faster
d) needed more letters in the alphabet

What role did the king’s palace play in a city-state?
a) center of government
b) center of trade
c) where currency was made
d) place to worship gods

What brought on the collapse of the Sumerian Empire?
a) natural disaster
b) rebellion against it by the city-states
c) laws were broken
d) attack by foreign invaders

What is NOT a MAJOR advantage to a society of having a written code?
a) all citizens knew the laws
b) keeping records
c) write diary entries
d) all citizens new punishment for crime

What is NOT an example of what made New Babylon magnificent?
a) huge boats
b) sewer system
c) gridded streets
d) 100 foot ziggurat

How was the Hebrews’ religion different from those of their Fertile Crescent neighbors?
a) worshipped more
b) more followers
c) polytheistic
d) monotheistic

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