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not sincere, not straightforward
a) integral
b) alibis
c) belittle
d) disingenuous

to cause a person to seem little or less than, to put down
a) belittle
b) facade
c) validate
d) biased

to destroy or get rid of something completely
a) eradicate
b) emulate
c) credo
d) confines

obvious offensive manner
a) permeate
b) blatant
c) demographics
d) depict

unable to express oneself openly or freely
a) disingenuous
b) permeate
c) inhibited
d) affiliation

false front, artificial, fake impression
a) facade
b) stigma
c) confines
d) aspiration

to try hard to equal or surpass somebody or something
a) emulate
b) eradicate
c) validate
d) derogatory

a negative feeling of hostility or resentment
a) audacity
b) facade
c) blatant
d) animosity

lack of respect in somebody's behavior toward another
a) synonymous
b) inconspicuous
c) belittle
d) audacity

entering, spreading, and affecting something
a) emulate
b) affiliation
c) blatant
d) permeate

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