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All of the following are true about illegal drugs except that
a) Use can lead to an overdose
b) Use can affect the user's family
c) Use can lead to contracting a disease
d) They are monitored for safety and purity

A person who experiences physical symptoms such as vomiting and insomnia when he or she stops taking a drug has developed a
a) Physiological Dependance
b) Development asset
c) Tolerance
d) Psychological Dependance

________________ is an example of a legal consequence of teen drug use.
a) Participating in high-risk behaviors
b) Increased health costs
c) Creating stress in the family
d) Suspended driving privileges

An example of the consequences of drug use on society is
a) Developing an addiction
b) Harm to developing fetus
c) Lost of work hours
d) Stress within a family

Which of the following is not ususally a factor in deciding to use an illegal drug?
a) Peer pressure at school
b) Messages on television and in the movies
c) How role models live their lives
d) The original source of the drug

What parts of total health does drug abuse affect?
a) Physical
b) Mental/Emotional
c) Social
d) All the above

Which of the following can be a negative consequence of drug use?
a) Temporary euphoria
b) Decrease in tolerance
c) Contraction of a STD
d) Strengthen refusal skills

Many people perceive the level of drug use by teens as
a) Much lower than it is in reality
b) Much lower than in other countries
c) Much higher than it is in reality
d) Much higher than in other countries

Which is an example of misuse of a legal drug?
a) Taking aspirin for a fever
b) Taking drugs to control blood pressure
c) Throwing away a medicine that has passes its expiration date
d) Giving a friend one of your prescription pain relievers

Substance abuse does not lead to
a) Unintentional injuries
b) Violent Crimes
c) An increase in control
d) Unintended pregnancies

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