Waves, Currents, And Tides Question Preview (ID: 54419)

Waves, Currents, And Tides.

Differences in _______ can cause currents to move up and down.
a) density
b) waves
c) water temperature
d) currents

Currents flowing from areas near the South Pole and North Pole are_____.
a) tropical
b) warm
c) Antarctica
d) cold

Currents flowing from near the Equator are __________.
a) polar
b) cold
c) warm
d) tepid

What causes most surface currents?
a) winds
b) tsunamis
c) the Gulf Stream
d) the eruption of underwater volcano

Ocean currents can be __________ or _____________.
a) icy; sweltering
b) good; bad
c) wrong; right
d) warm; cold

The ____________ ________________ is the bending of Earth's winds and ocean currents caused by Earth's rotation.
a) California Current
b) Coriolis Effect
c) Gulf Stream
d) undertow

A _________ is a stream of water flowing in the ocean.
a) current
b) density
c) crest
d) wave

What is the highest point of a wave?
a) Coriolis Effect
b) sonar
c) trough
d) crest

What is the lowest point of a wave?
a) Coriolis Effect
b) sonar
c) trough
d) crest

The regular up and down motion of water is referred to as _______.
a) tides
b) waves
c) tsunamis
d) currents

Earth's continents are stretched by the pull of the moon which causes two bulges of water on Earth. These bulges are called _________.
a) waves
b) tsunamis
c) low tides
d) high tides

Tides are caused mainly by the gravitational pull of the ___________.
a) Moon
b) Mars
c) Jupiter
d) water

Regular changes in ocean water level is referred to as ________.
a) floods
b) ebbs
c) tides
d) waves

Different amounts of _________ in ocean water also cause density currents.
a) rocks
b) pepper
c) salt
d) currents

_____________ is the amount of dissolved salt in ocean water.
a) Humidity
b) Salinity
c) Pepperinity
d) The tropsphere

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