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What event marked the beginning of the Dark Ages when the study of scientific-based medicine stopped?
a) the fall of the Roman Empire
b) the Great Flood
c) the War of 1812
d) the Battle of the Bulge

A nursing home wishes to hire Katie, an experienced nurse assistant. In order to comply with OBRA regulations, what should the nursing home do before they hire Katie?
a) Make sure she has a current certificate to practice as a nurse assistant.
b) Make sure she has a physical exam to prove she is in good health.
c) Contact her previous employer for a recommendation.
d) Give her a skill test to make sure she can properly care for patients.

In primitive times, people believed that the cause of disease and illness was:
a) punishment from the gods
b) bacterial
c) viruses
d) poor nutrition

What historical figure developed a vaccine to prevent a deadly disease?
a) Edward Jenner
b) Clara Barton
c) Watson and Crick
d) Ben Carson

Insulin is a drug discovered in the 20th century to treat
a) diabetes
b) infection
c) smallpox
d) pneumonia

In primitive times, insanity, epilepsy, and headaches were treated with trephining, which might lead someone to remark:
a) You have a hole in your head
b) Who do you think you are kidding?
c) Do I look like your mother?
d) You must have rocks in your head?

Salk and Sabin's discovery led to the
a) prevention of polio
b) cure for heart disease
c) prevention of tuberculosis
d) cure for bacterial infections

A major difference in the medical practice of primitive civilizations and that of the Greek civilization is that the Greeks believed disease was caused by:
a) natural causes
b) evil deeds
c) voodoo
d) the gods

Mrs. Carter must pay $15 each time she visits her physician. This payment is called a/an:
a) co-payment
b) revolving payment
c) premium
d) interest payment

A worker in a large textile mill injures an arm on a machine at work. Where would the worker go FIRST?
a) industrial health care center
b) genetic counseling center
c) rehabilitation facility
d) surgical center

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