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EOC Review Questions.

Patricia has Medicare and gets a bill for $100 for her x-ray. The bill says that her insurance paid $50 and her co-pay is $10. Since Patricia is covered under Medicare Part A, who pays the extra $40?
a) the agency that took the x-ray
b) Patricia
c) medicare
d) Patricia's supplemental insurance policy

The prefix a- or an- means
a) without or lack of
b) condition of
c) pertaining to the heart
d) vessel

Butler must take his medication po. What would he do with the medication?
a) rub it on his skin
b) swallow it
c) inhale it
d) drop it in his eyes

What condition would be treated by a hematologist?
a) polycythemia
b) cholecystitis
c) pyuria
d) tachycardia

The root word -gastro- means
a) stomach
b) fat
c) liver
d) urinary bladder

The suffix -itis means
a) inflammation
b) half
c) small
d) tumor or swelling

The root word -cardio- means
a) heart
b) skin
c) muscle
d) spinal cord

What surgery would be physically impossible for Mr. Smith?
a) hysterectomy
b) nephrectomy
c) arthroscopy
d) thoracentesis

The symbol means:
a) greater than
b) higher than
c) lower than
d) less than

The abbreviation L means
a) Liter
b) Laboratory
c) Legal
d) Length

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