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Scientific Method, Experimentation, Etc. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Which is the greatest volume?
a) Two kiloliters
b) 400 liters
c) 5000 mililiters
d) 30 hectoliters

Which is equivalent to 4000 mg?
a) 4 grams
b) 40 grams
c) 400 grams
d) 4000 grams

Which of the following is a FALSE statement?
a) A spring scale is used for measuring mass.
b) A balance is used for measuring mass.
c) A spring scale is used for measuring the amount of gravity pulling on matter.
d) A graduated cylinder is used for measuring volume.

Using water displacement, a student adds a marble to 25ml of water. Now, the water level is 45ml. What is the volume of the marble?
a) 45ml
b) 25ml
c) 20ml
d) 70ml

Scientific method: Purpose, Research... What is next?
a) Hypothesis
b) Experiment Procedure
c) Results
d) Conclusion

What is an independent variable?
a) The one material or procedure that is different in an experiment.
b) All of the materials or precedures that are the same in an experiment.
c) A conclusion based on results.
d) A list of materials needed for the experiment.

Why must all materials and procedures except one be the same in an experiment?
a) To make a fair test that will result in a conclusion based on the independent variable.
b) To make less of a mess.
c) To save money on the experiment.
d) To eliminate the need for labeling.

All of the following require the use of goggles EXCEPT...
a) Watering plants
b) Working with chemicals.
c) Working with heat.
d) Working with small particles like glass and sand.

If a glass beaker is broken in the lab, which of the following should you do first?
a) Alert the teacher to the situation.
b) Pick up the glass and throw it away.
c) Put on gloves and pick it up.
d) Step on the glass so it can't hurt anyone.

Which unit of measure would describe the mass of a snack bag of Fire Hot Cheetos?
a) 15 grams
b) 15 liters
c) 15 centimeters
d) 15 kilograms

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