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Annixter sees Hilma Tree kissing Delaney. Annixter decides to...
a) shoot Delaney out of a jealous rage.
b) shout, "I hate FEEMALES!"
c) nothing! He would chill in his hammock.
d) be depressed about losing Delaney's love and shoot himself.

One day on the ranch, Vanamee believes he sees Angele. He...
a) runs the other way! She's dead and he's afraid of ghosts, so this freaks him out.
b) starts crying.
c) runs toward her, grasps her waist, and kisses her for what seems like forever!
d) shoots her! He's so mad at her for having an affair!

Magnus hears Annie has been sleeping with Presely. He...
a) strangles Presley and burries him on the ranch.
b) doesn't believe rumors so he asks his wife.
c) asks Harran what he should do about it.
d) cries for hours and then commits suicide.

a) jfefiewjfie
b) jfjwefipoe
c) jfdijwfiw
d) fjeifwjei

a) jfeowjfeoiwqj
b) fjdeswjfeoqwj
c) fdswfjeoiw
d) fdwqjfewioqj

a) fjeowgjrepo
b) kfegwgkpew
c) gfmewogjeowj
d) fewjogfejwj

a) gfeojoewjfgeo
b) fgwedofjeojf
c) fmdwsfgeofjoe
d) vdjsogjoejg

a) jfdowsjgoejgo
b) gejdogjeoj

a) vbfmdlbmf
b) bfmdlgbmfldq
c) bfldbmfdl
d) qbmfdlbmdfl

a) bvfmlbmfrlmqvdf
b) vmdflbmlfdm
c) vbfmdslbmfl
d) bfmelgmjol

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