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Which of the following is FALSE about the boiling and freezing points of water?
a) Water will boil at 100 degrees Celsius and freeze at 0 degrees Celsius.
b) The boiling and freezing points of water will remain constant (the same) for all quantities of water.
c) Boiling and freezing points of water can be measured using a thermometer.
d) All quantities of water will take the same amout of time to reach boiling and freezing points.

Which of the following describes the process of condensation?
a) A liquid becomes a gas.
b) A solid becomes a liquid.
c) A liquid becomes a solid.
d) A gas becomes a liquid.

Find the FALSE statement.
a) Water vapor is water in a gas form.
b) Precipitation is always in liquid form.
c) Accumulation contributes to run-off.
d) Clouds are made of water in liquid form.

Which of the following describes the molecules in a gas?
a) They are close together in a regular pattern.
b) They keep their own shape.
c) They are well-seperated and travel at high speeds.
d) They have no mass or volume.

Which is TRUE about the mass of matter and the weight of matter?
a) The mass and weight of matter are the same regardless of location.
b) Mass measures how much matter an object has; Weight measures the pull of gravity on the object.
c) Mass and weight are both measured on a spring scale.
d) Solids, liquids and gases have the same mass and weight in any form.

Which of the following facts about matter is FALSE?
a) Gases will escape from an open container.
b) Liquids take the shape of the container they are in.
c) Solids will only change form with force or heat.
d) ALL liquids will turn to gas at 100 degrees Celsius.

Which of the following is NOT a physical change?
a) Ice melting to liquid water.
b) Kool-aid dissolving into water.
c) Wood burning in a campfire.
d) Making trail mix with peanuts, raisins, and pretzels.

Which of the following is NOT a chemical change?
a) Food being digested by an animal.
b) Baking a cake with flour, eggs, milk, and sugar.
c) Iron ore rocks rusting in the rain.
d) Water evaporating into the air.

Find the FALSE statement.
a) A change in states of matter occurs when heat is added or removed.
b) Changing states of matter is a physical change.
c) Changes in states of matter are reversible.
d) Salt will evaporate with water in the presence of sunlight.

All of the following are in the form of a gas EXCEPT...
a) The sun
b) Oxygen
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) Glucose

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