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What is the average salinity of the deep ocean?
a) 3.5 ppt
b) 35 ppt
c) 19 ppt
d) 5 ppt

Which ions are the most abundant in seawater?
a) calcium and chloride
b) sodium and magnesium
c) sodium and chloride
d) calcium and sodium

Which property of water explains why water can moderate climate?
a) Surface tension
b) Heat of Vaporization
c) Heat Capacity
d) Heat of fusion

What is the most common way that carbon dioxide dissolves in water?
a) bicarbonate
b) nitrate
c) carbonic acid
d) carbonate

Which is the most basic ph?
a) 3.5
b) 6.5
c) 6.0
d) 5.3

Which gas is most abundant at the surface of ocean water?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) hydrogen

Which gas determines ph?
a) carbon dioxide
b) oxygen
c) nitrogen
d) hydrogen

What is the name of the ocean layer where salinity changes the most?
a) halocline
b) mesocline
c) thermocline
d) pycnocline

At what latitudes is the average salinity of surface water higher than deeper water?
a) At the poles
c) At the equator
d) At the mid-latitudes

Which of the following determines why water is the universal solvent?
a) high heat capacity
b) density
c) polarity
d) high surface tension

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