APUSH Unit 7, Part IV Question Preview (ID: 54187)

Unit 7 Test Prep.

Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?
a) He violated the Office of Tenure Act.
b) He violated the right to free speech amendment.
c) He tried to steal secrets and sell them to a foreign country.
d) He lied to Congress.

Who were called carpetbaggers?
a) The Northerners who came south to make money.
b) The US citizens.
c) The Southerners who worked with Republicans.
d) The people who pulled up you carpet and placed them in bags.

What is the 15th amendment?
a) It gave all men the right to vote
b) It gave all Americans the right to vote.
c) It prohibited alcohol.
d) It abolished slavery.

What is the 14th amendment?
a) It defines the rights of US citizens
b) It defines the rights European citizens
c) It gave women the right to vote.
d) It prohibited alcohol.

What was the 13th amendment?
a) It abolished slavery.
b) It gave the women the right to vote.
c) It prohibited alcohol.
d) It gave all males a literacy test

What was Seward’s Folly
a) The purchase of Alaska
b) The purchase of a section of Canada
c) The purchase of the North Shore
d) The purchase of the Klondike

What were “Black Codes”?
a) Any code of law that defined and limited the rights of former slaves after the Civil War.
b) A set of laws preventing the “black market” in the South
c) Set of codes in the North for the treatment of former slaves
d) Any law that limits the rights of any American citizen.

Who were the Radical Republicans?
a) A part of the Republican Party whose goal was to punish the South during Reconstruction
b) A political group united together to end Southern oppression
c) A part of the Republican Party who supported Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction and fought Johnson’s plan.
d) Not a formal group, they wanted to ensure slaves in the South were freed.

What was the Freedmen's Bureau?
a) An agency of the War Department set up in 1865 to assist freed slaves in obtaining relief, land, jobs, fair treatment, and ed
b) An agency of the federal government established to ensure slaves were given their freedom in the South.
c) A board designed by the federal government to ensure freed slaves’ were given their right to vote.
d) An agency of the Department of the Interior set up at the beginning of Reconstruction to protect freed slaves’ civil rights.

A group of white men who tortured and terrorized Black American after the Civil War were called the ___________________.
a) Ku Klux Klan
b) Scalawags
c) Carpetbaggers
d) Freedmen's Bureau

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