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To solve problems in this unit we use a series of conversion factors. What is this calculation method called?
a) dimensional analysis
b) geometry
c) guess & check
d) cross multiplication

What do you call the mass of 1 mole of a substance?
a) molar mass
b) molarity
c) atomic mass
d) mole

What is the molar mass of ammonia (NH3)?
a) 17 g/mol
b) 14 g/mol
c) 45 g/mol
d) 15 g/mol

How many atoms of aluminum are in 14.9g of aluminum?
a) 3.3 x 10^23
b) 0.55
c) 9.2 x 10^-25
d) 9.0 x 10^24

What is the percent composition of sodium in sodium phosphate?
a) 42%
b) 14%
c) 19%
d) 58%

What is the limiting reagent when 65 grams of iron and 130 grams of chlorine gas react? (see equation 1)
a) Cl
b) Cl2
c) Fe
d) not enough information

What are the coefficients when equation 3 is balanced?
a) 2,1,2
b) 4,2,4
c) 1,1,1
d) 3,2,3

What is the ratio of O2 : H2O in equation 4?
a) 5:2
b) 7:5
c) 1:1
d) 5:3

What is the theoretical yield of copper (II) nitrate if 3.4g Cu react with and excess of silver nitrate? What is the percent yield if the actual yield is 7.5g? (see equation 5)
a) 10.03g, 75%
b) 3.4g, 220%
c) 637, 1.2%
d) 20.1g, 37%

How many atoms of oxygen in Ca3(PO4)2?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

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