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What would have been different during Westward Expansion IF the settlers had followed the treaties they signed with the Native American tribes?
a) Indians would not have moved to reservations
b) transcontinental railroad would have been completed sooner
c) miners would have found more gold and silver and become rich
d) more land would have been open for settling

The Battle of the Little Bighorn was all of the following EXCEPT-
a) the most famous Plains War battle
b) one of the U.S. Army’s most embarrassing defeats
c) Custer’s final triumph before retiring
d) an amazing victory for the Sioux

Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians toward Canada, but finally decided he must-
a) surrender to the army.
b) enjoy life on a reservation.
c) live in Mexico.
d) continue to fight.

These two American Indian chiefs led the Lakota Sioux and Cheyenne at the Battle of Little Bighorn
a) Geronimo and Chief Joseph
b) Geronimo and Sitting Bull
c) Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
d) Crazy Horse and Chief Joseph

During this event, the U.S. Army attacked a group of Indians without provocation, killing men, women, and children.
a) Battle of Little Bighorn
b) Chief Joseph's flight of the Nez Perce
c) Geronimo's opposition to expansion
d) Battle of Wounded Knee

This word means "to become part of the larger group", and was what the U.S. wanted for American Indians.
a) assimilation
b) extermination
c) opposition
d) enslavement

He was an Apache medicine man who fought against the American expansion into the west.
a) Geronimo
b) Sitting Bull
c) Crazy Horse
d) Chief Joseph

Because of American policies towards them, buffalo in the west were on the verge of-
a) being domesticated
b) being set aside for Indians
c) extermination of the species
d) population explosion

Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull played a part in the-
a) Battle of Little Bighorn
b) Civil War
c) Battle of Wounded Knee
d) Sand Creek Massacre

American Indians were not considered American citizens until--
a) 1924
b) 1866
c) 1919
d) 1898

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