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Who spoke these words of surrender? “I am tired; my heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever.”
a) Sitting Bull
b) Crazy Horse
c) Chief Joseph
d) Geronimo

What would have been different during Westward Expansion IF the settlers had followed the treaties they signed with the Native American tribes?
a) Indians would not have moved to reservations
b) transcontinental railroad would have been completed sooner
c) miners would have found more gold and silver and become rich
d) more land would have been open for settling

Chief Joseph led the Nez Perce Indians toward Canada, but finally decided he must-
a) live in Mexico.
b) continue to fight.
c) enjoy life on a reservation.
d) surrender to the army.

What two valuable minerals were discovered in the west?
a) silver and gold
b) gold and coal
c) copper and silver
d) coal and silver

How could the land of the Great Plains best be described?
a) marsh/swamp drained by rivers
b) flat lands with grassy prairies
c) forested hills running north and south
d) tall mountains and narrow valleys

What was the impact of the westward movement on the Native Americans?
a) Civil War
b) Homestead Act
c) Reservations
d) Gold

Which of the following was a provision of the Homestead Act?
a) 160 acres of land
b) Cattle drives
c) Transcontinental Railroad
d) Gold

All of the following helped settlers adapt to the challenging environment of the Great Plains EXCEPT-
a) telegraph lines
b) barbed wire
c) wheat farming
d) steel plows

The completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869 contributed to the settlement of what region of the United States?
a) Non-contiguous
b) Northeast
c) Western Rocky Mountains
d) Southeast

Why did the government force American Indians onto reservations?
a) the need to help Native Americans adapt to a new lifestyle
b) the desire to allow settlers to have more land available
c) the need to punish settlers for stealing from Indians
d) the desire to protect the Native American way of life

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