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Roman Empire.

What was the Pax Romana?
a) a time when many emperors failed
b) a time when the army ruled Rome
c) a period when Rome's economy shrank
d) a period of peace and prosperity in the empire

How did Roman use aqueducts?
a) to bring water to their cities
b) to drain water and create new land
c) to make concrete for buildings
d) to move troops to areas of war

What helped trade grow in the Roman Empire?
a) lack of access to sea routes and few good roads
b) the empire's control of sea routes and network of good roads
c) the empire's control of sea routes and few good roads
d) lack of access to sea routes but a network of good roads

How did the power pass from one emperor to the next?
a) It always passed from father to eldest son.
b) It passed from father to the most talented child.
c) There was no formal system for passing power from one emperor to the next.
d) It passed to the person who won an election for emperor.

How did Rome's network of roads help the economy?
a) They provided access to fields.
b) They were traveled by foreign workers.
c) They created a road through town to get to the water supply.
d) They served as trade routes.

Which best describes the Jewish response to Roman life?
a) Most Jews supported a violent resistance to Rome.
b) Most Jews accepted Roman rule.
c) Jews were divided on a response to Roman rule.
d) Most Jews believed a Messiah would end Roman rule.

According to the Gospels, which was the main way Jesus attracted followers?
a) People followed him because he was descended from King David.
b) Jesus won followers by standing up for the poor and caring for others, formed miracles on people.
c) People followed him because he was baptized by a prophet.
d) Jesus won followers through his knowledge of Hebrew scriptures.

Which best describes Paul's position after his conversion?
a) He called for Jews to tolerate Christianity.
b) He promoted Christianity among non-Jews
c) He called for Christians to adopt Jewish practices.
d) He called for Christians to break away from Judaism.

Which was the most important change in Christianity's legal status after Constantine?
a) Roman emperors stopped persecuting Christians.
b) Christianity became the official religion of the Roman empire.
c) Christianity was legalized by Constantine.
d) Citizens of Rome were legally required to become Christians.

Which feature of the Roman empire most contributed to the spread of Christianity?
a) the widespread use of the Latin language
b) widespread poverty and inequality
c) the empire's military power
d) the ease of travel around the empire

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