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an important part of something
a) integral
b) derogatory
c) restitution
d) demographics

compensation for loss, damage, or injury
a) restitution
b) stigma
c) depict
d) confines

characteristics of human population segments
a) demographics
b) derogatory
c) depict
d) confines

the limits or borders of a space or area
a) confines
b) stigma
c) integral
d) derogatory

explanations offered to justify something
a) alibis
b) confines
c) depict
d) stigma

the shame attached to something regarded as being socially unacceptable
a) stigma
b) alibis
c) integral
d) restitution

to portray or to show
a) depict
b) derogatory
c) alibis
d) integral

expressing a low opinion or a negative criticism
a) derogatory
b) confines
c) stigma
d) alibis

an association or connection
a) affiliation
b) biased
c) inconspicuous
d) aspiration

not readily noticeable
a) inconspicuous
b) affiliation
c) aspiration
d) biased

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