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Chemicals that produce specific changes in other substances without being changed themselves
a) catalysts
b) enzyme
c) clot activator
d) memory T cells

The odor of urine in patients with uncontrolled diabetes
a) fruity
b) musty
c) ammonia
d) cannabinoid

A component of blood that aids in clotting
a) thrombocytes/platelets
b) leukocytes/white blood cells
c) thrombocytes/leukocytes
d) platelets/erythrocytes

The name of the organism responsible for Lyme Disease
a) Borrelia burgdorferi
b) Camplobacter jejuni
c) Treponema pallidum
d) Rickettsia rickettsii

Chemical symbol for sodium
a) Na+
b) K+
c) Na-
d) S+

CDC and prevention recommendations for infection control within health care facilities
a) Standard Precautions
b) Engineering controls
c) Work Practice controls
d) Standard deviation

The presence of an increased amount of ketones in the urine
a) ketonuria
b) proteinuria
c) oliguria
d) lipiduria

Term used to describe serum or plasma that is very gold/amber in color and indicates jaundice
a) icteric
b) lipemic
c) hemolysis
d) leukocytosis

Blood test that measures the percentage of packed erythrocytes compared with the total blood volume
a) hematocrit
b) hemoglobin
c) MCV
d) MCH

A condition that is characterized by a decrease in the number of platelets in the circulating blood
a) thrombocytopenia
b) hypoxemia
c) leukopenia
d) hematuria

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